M2八木天线2MXP22A:144-145 MHZ,16.1dBi
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    2MXP22A最初是Mike K6MYC的一款新型EME地月通讯的专用天线。他想要一个在EME系统里使用的天线,它在每个平面上只比著名的2MXP20多一个元件,但多了一个5英尺的吊杆。最重要的是,它产生的增益比2MXP20多3/4 db,仅比世界著名的2M5WL少3/4 db。这是一个非常好的结果,非常平的匹配和吊杆长度正好在其他之间,由于这个很好的特点,没有把它合并到M2公司的2米系列天线大家族里!
    仅仅使用一对2MXP22A天线就可以制造出一个低成本、低重量、低风荷载的EME系统。M2已经为两个天线的安装设计了一个最佳的交叉臂套件(CB-LB-13),加上后它的体积仍然足够小,可以与Yaesu G-5500 Az-El旋转器系统一起使用。
   希望天线系统中有更多的EME铝质天线?M2公司有MT-1000 Elevation旋转器,使用该旋转器后可以很容易的使用8个2MXP22A组成阵列!

The 2MXP22A began as a new special antenna for Mike, K6MYC.  He wanted and antenna that would make it’s presence known on EME. It has just one more element in each plane than the famous 2MXP20 but another 5 foot of boom length boom length. Most importantly, it produces 3/4 of a db more gain than the ‘XP20 and just 3/4 of a db less than the world renowned 2M5WL.  It came out so nice with a very flat match and a boom length right in between the others, it was just too good not to add it to the great family of M2 2M antennas!

Just a pair of 2MXP22A’s will make a great low cost, low weight, low wind load EME system. The M2 boys have come up with an optimum cross boom kit ( CB-LB-13) for two antennas and it is still small enough to use with the Yaesu G-5500 Az-El rotator system. Want more EME aluminum in the air? The M2 MT-1000 Elevation rotator makes arrays up to 8 X 2MXP22A’s a piece of cake to steer!

The system is ideal for terrestrial contacts as well.  It so nice when a new guy comes on 250 miles away running 50W and a vertical, you can instantly switch to vertical polarity using a coax relay like our HPR-1 and BOOM, the guy is armchair copy!

M2 has a full line of power dividers, phasing lines, preamps sequencers (S2) including the NEW 2M-1K2 solid stateamp.See the whole new generation of high performance EME arrays and systems on our web site!.

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